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This site was created in order to assist in the education of crime scene technicians, homicide investigators, coroners, medical examiners, and others involved in the death investigation process.  A basic knowledge of the general appearance of insect of forensic importance, and a basic understanding of the proper methods for their collection, will allow investigators to make accurate and representative collections from the death scene.   Enhanced knowledge on the behalf of law enforcement officials will provide for better communication between police, medical examiners, coroners, and forensic entomologists.  Hopefully, improved communication will promote more frequent use of entomological resources, and more accurate collection of entomological evidence.  This will allow forensic entomologists to be more precise in their statements and determinations, particularly in the area of postmortem interval estimations.  Those involved in crime scene analysis and the death investigation process are encouraged to use this site as a reference resource to enhance their investigation efforts.  It is impossible to determine when insect evidence may prove useful in a death investigation.  Therefore, all law enforcement agencies should assemble a "Entomological Evidence Collection Kit" so that they are prepared in the event entomological evidence is encountered during any crime scene investigation.    

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